Hello! I’m Gemma & I’m a Career Transition Coach.

I’m here to help you get unstuck, find clarity around career change and take brave steps towards fulfilment and purpose.

Hello! I’m Gemma & I’m a Career Transition Coach.

I’m here to help you get unstuck, find clarity around career change and take brave steps towards fulfilment and purpose.

Whether you’re petrified or excited, career change can be a confusing and challenging time, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unclear.

Maybe you’ve come to a crossroads and not sure which direction to go. You’ve invested the time and the energy to get to where you are today. Changing career now just feels too hard…perhaps even impossible!

The mind likes to get in the way and provide endless reasons to stop you moving forward: ”It’ll take too long! You haven’t got the experience! The confidence! The money! The qualifications! You’re too old! Too young! It’s scary! You’re not good enough!! And what the hell will your parents think?!”

At best, these thoughts can stop you in your tracks, leaving you uncertain of which way to turn. At worst, they can spin you into a pretty low state emotionally, leading to anxiety and a sense of paralysis.

However, the good news is you get to choose whether you listen to all the doubt and noise that lives in your head. That voice does not get the final say!

Deep down there is an instinctual knowing of what lights you up and creates meaning in your life. It’s in there. You just can’t quite see it yet…

I use a holistic and creative approach in order to offer support and guidance through career change.

Whether simply unsure of what to do and looking for clarity, or feeling overwhelmed and stunted by fear, the biggest obstacle that tends to get in the way is ourself.

Accepting that self-doubt and uncertainty are part of the process and working with them rather than against them, encourages a forward momentum towards clarity of our goals and values.

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Working with Gemma has been inspiring, fascinating, and empowering. Gemma listens intently and has a real talent in finding common themes in things I hadn’t even noticed myself. Gemma would succinctly extract key points, tying it back to my strengths, passions, values and motivators. I now feel empowered that I can do something different, something I know I’d be good at and would be aligned with my strengths and values.

– KATE, Hampshire, UK

“Working with Gemma has been an absolute delight. She has a beautifully warm, calming and nurturing energy. Gemma has a gift for creating and holding a safe, supportive space. When I was feeling stuck, Gemma helped me to be honest about what was really holding me back without any judgement.”

– KATHLEEN, New York

“Working with Gemma showed me to stay true to my highest vision for myself. She is a great listener and motivator, patiently helping me to take action for positive changes in my life. She held me accountable for following through, reminding me I can dare to dream big for myself. Thank you Gemma.

– HELLEN, New York

When it came to our Skype session Gemma’s attitude completely put me at ease…Gemma is passionate about helping you to understand and clarify your values. She has a unique ability of seeing patterns within your own skills, experiences, values and motivators; information that can help to bring personal insight.

– EMMA, Devon, U.K.

“Gemma listened & probed deeper when needed, it was fascinating how she linked things back to my values and strengths throughout, making me realise how & why I would do things in my life without being aware of the reasons. She created a safe environment where I could be really open with the explored possibilities. I can’t thank Gemma enough for the last 12 weeks. It’s been such a wonderful experience & I’m glad she was there to guide me & listen.

Coming out the other end I feel so much clearer in the direction that I want to take. It’s as if the fog around my brain has lifted & I have clarity again”

– SALLY, Leicestershire, U.K.